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Large art groups can now store all the artwork created in their art departments. Information can be posted and shared we now have Chat, message boards, and events pages. Stay connected with the art world inside the world of Jincky, where groups can create, capture, store and share arts N crafts made together. Precious moments are saved in the world of Jincky. Community groups such as school’s, daycares, religious groups, libraries and many more can be joined. Events can be posted to parents to inform them of any community news. Games that incorporate family time can be played together with kids. Jincky is an app that not only promotes outdoor activities but encourages kids to create and capture their imaginations. Imagine an app that connects classrooms in Mumbai India with a arts N craft class that’s in Malibu, California. Ideas can be shared groups can join and make art together. Trading platforms allow kids to trade art made with friends all over the world. We are all connected in the world of Jincky.