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7 Amazing Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids & Toddlers


Further than the visitors, turkeys, Native Americans, and of course food, thanksgiving is all about sharing the day with family and friends conversing what we are thankful for in our existence. What if a holiday is to prepare by sharing some thanksgiving crafts for kids! We have many turkey arts & crafts for kids made from a variety of stuff, circlets, crowns that can be cast-off to help educate children. It’s about how it all started, and even ways to show and share the things we are grateful for.

Here are some easy, kid-friendly thanksgiving crafts for kids full of ideas and activities that are ideal for the entire family.

  1. Turkey Cap

Rejoice thanksgiving’s favorite feathered pal with this easy cheerful paper turkey cap that is fun for little ones to make and garb.

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  1. Native American Hand Prints

This sweet Native American hand print arts & crafts for toddlers that kids will surely love to make. They get to have their hands coated to mark the basic sketch.  

  1. Soft Tissue Paper

Use tissue paper to make the vibrant feathers of this thanksgiving turkey with practicing some fine mechanical skills and do some shape & color review while making these exciting thanksgiving arts & crafts for kids.


  1. Turkey Dessert Cups

These decorated turkey dessert cups are so cute to display after dinner packets, small bonbons on the table for thanksgiving. Kids enjoy making these adorable cups and feel involved in this holiday celebrations.   

  1. Finger Smear Turkey

Finger paint turkey arts & crafts for kids is a fun Thanksgiving craft for preschoolers. This is a simple turkey craftsmanship, which turns out adorable always. All you need is paint and a few wet sponge to create this lovable preschool thanksgiving craft for kids.

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  1. Paper Bowl Pilgrim

Children love creating paper bowl pilgrims. This is an easy Thanksgiving’s craft for kids made from stuff you probably already have in hand. This paper plate craftsmanship also makes a great Thanksgiving Day redecoration during arts & crafts for kindergarten.

  1. Thanksgiving Pilgrim Sunhat

Making this paper thanksgiving pilgrim hat will get kids into the outing spirit and allow them to made-up to be a traveler. This arts & crafts for kids is a simple fun that can be used in an enlightening background.  

Thanksgiving is one of the much-loved craft holidays, and we make sure that these are exclusively child-friendly.

11 Quick And Easy Crafts For Preschoolers


Yes, paper is a very valuable creation and we can do a lot of creative easy crafts for kids along with it. Whereas it can create a lot of wonders, and undoubtedly kids can do the best with it especially the toddlers who can rock the papers with their style and imaginative power! If your child likes books and stories, create with him/her a storybook! And yes, it doesn’t require any top-notch skills for it; it is very easy crafts for preschoolers.  

Tap into your kids’ artistic side with these easy tasks that could be drawn together from everyday items. With some gum/glue, yarn, and perhaps even a cereal case, your regular everyday items can be changed into these 11 easy crafts for kids.  

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  1. Guitar

Let your child come out with some beautiful music. Two-dimensional (cardboard) boxes form the base of this stirred instrument; and after plugging it makes the fine-tuning bolts.  

  1. Paper Star

Although there are a number of crafts for preschoolers available everywhere which can be easily accessible but then, this is again one of the easiest ways for the toddlers to do without help i.e. – Paper Star. It is as simple like anything and a cutting a seamless star from paper with just one cut.  

  1. Puppy String-Puppet

Loads of ways include many hand-made paper arts and crafts for toddlers and one of them is Puppy Puppet that also attracts little toddlers a lot. It just needs to transform cardboard tubes into a canine dummy; the head and legs moves when it strolls.  


  1. Paper Birds Tutorial

That’s a very simple way to make birds from paper for preschools crafts and children can do it so easily. It’s not undiscovered that preschoolers love craft tasks a lot. Here’s a paper craft that we usually called it as Rocking Round Robin. This is made of two rings, and amazingly, they really do rock when you softly pat their tail!  

  1. Homemade Heart Wreath

Do you want a wreath like that? You can do it simply, and you only need paper to do it. This heart wreath crafts for kids only take about a full 40 minutes to cover, so break it up in two dissimilar crafting sessions. Another substitute is to beautify the small heart and to cut from the center of the wreath form, instead. It doesn’t take too long to complete, so it’s merely flawless for young crafters.

  1. Party Hat With Polka Dots  

Ready for a birthday party? Then why not to make party hats made from paper, for little guests! Just to get a bunch of ribbons and some polka dot paper plus a Swarovski crystal crown and voila, a fun polka dot party cap! This also includes materials like paper, cutters, glue gun, strip, stapler, pencil, needle and thread, crystal crown.

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  1. Origami Eye – You Can Move It

Making this cyclope eye is a real fun for little toddlers! It can blink and there are lots of pictures, but making the origami eye is actually very easy arts & crafts for toddlers. Interestingly, no adult help is required except making some folds organized and in order.  

  1. Bipyramids From Paper – Garland, Necklace, Sorting Game…

You can use bipyramids in lot of things. Starting with decorating, then playing and the shape of this symmetrical origami is named as ‘Triangular Bipyramid’. Though it is the bit tricky for kids, but the origami itself is the easiest one to make and has many entertaining usages.


  1. The Art Of Making Paper Spinner

This is just amazing since it is as fast as a whirlwind and usually toddlers try to make one and play with it. This spinner is made from paper and useful crafts for preschoolers. A small rotator made from a toothpick and decorated paper ribbons held together with gum.

  1. Mirror Picture – Especially For Kids

You just need to paint and make a mirror portrait. Oh yes, come on kids, it’s your exercise after all! This preschool craft that children love the art technique and it makes a great base for lots of paper crafts for kids. And you just need paint and a plain paper.  

  1. A Cable Car

Your little one’s fuzzy friends will be able to zip around in this simple car made of crafts for kids. Your little one just has to cut windows from a box and tape on a piece of stubble, and then let your child go wild with the beautification of this cable car.  

These are some easy crafts for kids for the purpose of decors and gifts what your child can do themselves too. There are some painting, drawing and molding ideas too which they can do according to their capability.  

7 Best Practical Arts & Crafts Ideas For Kids & Toddlers

kids arts & crafts activities

Few daily activities with arts & craft ideas are going to be a free event where parents make their toddlers experience joy, fun and happiness with each other. There is supposed to be lots of food, games, arts & craft ideas for kids through which parents and kids stay tuned for any upcoming event details.But, what if you create your own arts & crafts movement for kids at home? Yes, now you can build up your own set of arts and crafts kids for your little toddlers.

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Some parents make their kids join daycare, public library and/ or send them to summer camps and lots more. Arts & crafts for kids activities are the number one firmest thing to turn up as to do. Kids are of sensitive age, so they often try to put everything in their mouth, plus less mature to understand the direction of having attention area for most undertakings.

best arts & crafts ideas and activities for kids

Growing is all about learning and to do hands-on activities with your toddlers. Lots of practical and easy activities are pooled for kids and learning openings are snitched on when possible. Thus, here we bring few tips for doing activities with toddlers:

  • Let your toddler see the sights you offer them whatever it is!
  • Don’t do anything with a purposeful plan; it will never work out with this age group.
  • Assume a toddler to be concerned and interested, leave it out for them to talk back later, or even the next day.

Let your child explore the magical materialistic world by their nose, fingers and mouth with these 7 amazing best practical arts & craft ideas. Here are some wonderful ways to learn and stay proactive:

  1. The art of playing dish, rattle and bang
  2. The joy of being in water, doing fun and frolic
  3. Easy and colorful play dough sun catchers
  4. Cutting activities to build fine motor skills
  5. Sandbox play game will surely attract them
  6. Vibrant fun week of painting in summers
  7. Some real-time flower craft activities

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These activities of arts & craft ideas are simple, perfectly and impeccable for a toddler. As kids grow, they absorb all new learning activities to do with an active approach. It includes lots of concrete things, stress-free goings-on and kids-friendly arts & craft ideas are mostly inexpensive, easy and great for all age groups.



Jincky! An Amazing Online Platform For Boosting Your Kid’s Confidence

jincky-an amazing online platform for kids

Are you one of those parents who are feeling concerned because of your kid’s low self esteem and confidence? If, yes, then let your worries fade away because an amazing online app called as Jincky is there for your help. One of the best things about this incredible app is that it is user friendly and there are multiple features that are made available.

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Secure online storage for artwork
You can ask your kid to join this app and let him or her share those exceptional ideas with friends and community members.
In order to start using this app, all you need to do is to sign up with the app and for that all you need is an email. You can also sign-in with Facebook and you are good to go. You can create your own community and invite family members or friends.
One of the best things that you can do with Jincky app, is trading arts and crafts with friends and family.
So, what you are waiting for? Simply, log on to this fabulous app called as Jincky and let that creative part of yours come out and share your ideas with the rest of the world.

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Do You Want To Make Kids Summer Holidays More Interesting ?

How to make kids summer holidays more interesting

As you know that summers are approaching fast, it is time to think about something interesting and useful for kids. Most of the times they are going ask for getting into activities which makes them happy. Though there are plenty of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed but the latest trend is to opt for online apps.

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kids can create artwork

  • One such amazing online app is called as Jincky app as it comes loaded with multiple features. Not only this app is highly interesting but it also helps in gaining the lost confidence among kids.
  • Elementary school kids will simply love this app as it comes with cool and high user friendly interface. Imagine creating a group of kids and let them interact during their summer holidays .
  • They are surely going to love this as there are amazing features that are made available. Kids can chat, share ideas and thoughts and this increased interaction during summer time will help them to feel more confident.

The sign-up procedure is quite easy and once logged into Jincky app, you will be able to enjoy many things.
A great time-pass and confidence booster!

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