Amazing Arts & Crafts Diwali Decoration Ideas for Kids


The celebration of Diwali (also called as festival of lights) is around the corner. Usually, during this time we are busy decorating the house with hand-made diyas, vibrant flowery rangolis, festive home decoration items that sparkle the walls of rooms; we give Diwali postcards to near and dear ones, and especially we exchange home-based gifts with our adored ones. So, here and now if you are wondering what kind of arts and crafts for kids are apt for this festival, then, take your clues from this post right now.  

Here is the list of some breathtaking Diwali decor arts & crafts ideas which will beautify your home or workplace with loads of lights. And of course, these are so easy to implement and these arts & crafts ideas are so simple that children can create it single-handedly without needing elders help; hence it will increase their creativity.

Certainly on this Diwali celebrations teach your kids some cool arts and crafts ideas for beautification and for gifting purpose!  

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Beaded Candle Holder Arts & Crafts:
Kids can make this lovely candle holder by using a small cut-glass jar, craft rope and beads.

Bengali Roll Portraits Arts & Crafts:
Children can celebrate Diwali by making a Bengali roll painting at home by coloring the portraits with the colors of their choice.

Diwali Door Hanging:
Kids can certainly make this Diwali door hanging using the free printable patterns templates, coloring pencils and ballpoints.


Arts & Crafts With Diwali Entrance:
Kids can make this exceptional Diwali doorway using a few materials with droplets, rings, paper etc.  

Diwali Footprints Arts & Crafts Ideas:
Let children rejoice the festival by making these exciting and colorful arts & crafts Diwali footprints in the shape of little feet’s.

Diwali Greetings:
The easiest and most convenient way of saying Diwali is the ‘Happy Diwali’ greetings to all your friends and family fellows.

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Hand paper Lights Arts & Crafts:
Children can cut the colorful paper patters and shape them into round circle putting glue on the end points and join them. It’s easy to place a candle in between them.

Get inspired by these overwhelming arts and crafts for kids. This Diwali, kids can make own lotus paper wax light stand, paper lamp, and tea light box and celebrate the festival of lights with cheerful arts & crafts smiles for kids.

On this festival, enjoy with these most loved and easy Diwali arts & crafts ideas and let children learn the magic of being creative!  

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