7 Amazing Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids & Toddlers


Further than the visitors, turkeys, Native Americans, and of course food, thanksgiving is all about sharing the day with family and friends conversing what we are thankful for in our existence. What if a holiday is to prepare by sharing some thanksgiving crafts for kids! We have many turkey arts & crafts for kids made from a variety of stuff, circlets, crowns that can be cast-off to help educate children. It’s about how it all started, and even ways to show and share the things we are grateful for.

Here are some easy, kid-friendly thanksgiving crafts for kids full of ideas and activities that are ideal for the entire family.

  1. Turkey Cap

Rejoice thanksgiving’s favorite feathered pal with this easy cheerful paper turkey cap that is fun for little ones to make and garb.

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  1. Native American Hand Prints

This sweet Native American hand print arts & crafts for toddlers that kids will surely love to make. They get to have their hands coated to mark the basic sketch.  

  1. Soft Tissue Paper

Use tissue paper to make the vibrant feathers of this thanksgiving turkey with practicing some fine mechanical skills and do some shape & color review while making these exciting thanksgiving arts & crafts for kids.


  1. Turkey Dessert Cups

These decorated turkey dessert cups are so cute to display after dinner packets, small bonbons on the table for thanksgiving. Kids enjoy making these adorable cups and feel involved in this holiday celebrations.   

  1. Finger Smear Turkey

Finger paint turkey arts & crafts for kids is a fun Thanksgiving craft for preschoolers. This is a simple turkey craftsmanship, which turns out adorable always. All you need is paint and a few wet sponge to create this lovable preschool thanksgiving craft for kids.

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  1. Paper Bowl Pilgrim

Children love creating paper bowl pilgrims. This is an easy Thanksgiving’s craft for kids made from stuff you probably already have in hand. This paper plate craftsmanship also makes a great Thanksgiving Day redecoration during arts & crafts for kindergarten.

  1. Thanksgiving Pilgrim Sunhat

Making this paper thanksgiving pilgrim hat will get kids into the outing spirit and allow them to made-up to be a traveler. This arts & crafts for kids is a simple fun that can be used in an enlightening background.  

Thanksgiving is one of the much-loved craft holidays, and we make sure that these are exclusively child-friendly.

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